The characters Peter Pascoe, Edgar Weild, Andy Dalziel
 and Patrick Alderman belong to the author, Reginald Hill.
 And others that have produced his books into movies.

If you're unfamiliar with the Dalziel-Pasoce Murder Mysteries,
 I recommend them highly. You'll find at least one a month 
on A&E, Tuesday night mysteries.

I admire his work and would not intentionally infringe on his
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creation of this story. 

I was very pleased with his latest book, The Wood Beyond 
and have an entire section decicated to his books.
 (coming soon)

In the Wood Beyond, he confirmed what I believed all along.
That Det. Sgt. Edgar Weild was in fact gay. I was overjoyed,
for I had seen it all along.

 So far I have only three stories decicated to the 
characters listed above, but as I get to see more of the
 movies and read more of the books,
I hope to do more. 

What One Does Not Know...

Hi everyone. Thought I'd toss in another Dalziel/Pascoe. But 
Andy and Peter aren't in this tale. I am partial to Sgt. Wield.

A little tale based on the character Sgt. Edgar Wield, by Reginald 
Hill. No infringement is intended. Just letting the Sgt. have a bit of fun.

What One Doesn't Know...
by Reets

The clouds thundered above his head and Sgt. Edgar Wield of the 
Yorkshire police dept., actually ducked. It wasn't habit or fright, 
but something about the late summer storm rattled him. He was 
content to sit in the shed and read through his gardening 
magazines in the failing light, that is if a car hadn't pulled up his

 Now Wield wasn't one to have many visitors, his face had seen 
to it earlier on in life, not many women found him attractive. It 
worked fine for him, he preferred someone who shared his interests, 
his type of tea and a good round of Karate once in a bit. Men 
weren't as stogy about his looks, his type of men anyway. 
Women preferred the soft; gentle features of someone like his 
superior, Peter Pascoe. Now there was a looker, handsome sot, 
with his sparkling blue eyes. Wield had been graced with his 
presence on a few occasions. But that was another story.

He watched with interest as a smallish man climbed out of the 
drivers side and slammed the door. Smallish compared to his six 
foot four frame of course.  A small paper held over his head to 
prevent the downpour from drowning him, was failing horribly. 
Wield yelled out the window and the man jogged through the 
soggy grass toward him. He recognized the figure immediately 
and an evil grin crept across his craggy face. "Mr. Alderman?" He 
grabbed the man's hand and shook it. 

"Hello, Sgt. do you always hole up in your shed, when comes a 

"Only if I get caught trimming the roses." Wield pulled the door 
closed as a strong clap of thunder roared above their heads. 
"What brings you out this way? Not on your way home?"

"Thought I'd see how your window box was progressing." Patrick 
Alderman took a deep breath and peered out the rain streaked 
window of the small potting shed. "I see you've managed a bit of 
a garden, good show." He closed his eyes as the taller man 
came up behind him, placing a hand on the shelf in front of him. 

"You can see through this? Better eyes than me, I'm afraid." 
Wield took a deep breath, inhaling in the cologne, rain and 
something more. Nerves? Sweat? Innocence? He pushed down 
the thought and took a step back. "I've managed a little spot 
close to the house, but I was fixing the miniatures in this box, 
when the storm caught me."

Patrick turned toward him now, he knew his face was flush. The 
last thing he had came here for was talk of roses or gardens. But 
he couldn't make the first move; it just wasn't in him. He tried 
to cover his hands shaking as he reached out for the potted 
plants. "Best get these in before the roots take shock." He 
shoveled the dirt, making a nice size hole in the rectangle shaped 
box. "Wouldn't want to kill these beauties, now would you." 

"No," Edgar's hands brushed Patrick's as he sank the plant down 
into the dirt. "Should we use a fertilizer?" Their eyes met and he 
could see the nervousness in the other man's face. 

"Yes, just a bit, here under the roots." Patrick lifted the plant 
and watched as Wield scooped a small amount of granules into 
the hole. "That's enough, don't want to kill it." 

"Can't have that, you were so generous in giving them to me. 
Can't let them die now, can I?"

"Sgt.?" He closed his eyes; his body trembled from head to toe, 
but he had to do this. Had to find out if the connection was 
comradeship or sexual. 

"Please, call me Edgar." 

Patrick smiled and wiped his hands on the towel he was handed. 
"Edgar, I need to talk to you about something and it's rather 

Another clap of thunder and he took a step toward the other man, 
seeking what, he wasn't sure. Protection, foolish, he was a grown 
man. A grown, married man with a child to be exact. Was it 
contact then, with this hulky, charming, irresistible man. 

Wield saw it the moment Patrick raised his eyes. The fear, 
longing, desire and the innocent heart that beat underneath it all. 
"What's troubling you, is it the inquires? Perhaps we should be 
down at the station."

"No, no, nothing like that." Wield stuck out his chin and tilted his head
in a way that made Patrick laugh, a chuckle really, but it relieved the
tension. "It's silly I suppose."

"Won't be able to analyze the problem, till you tell me what it is." 
Wield stood his ground. If the man said what he feared, he wasn't 
sure what he'd do. 'Conflict of interest, Wieldy.' Dalziel would say.
'Not professional getting involved with a suspect.' Peter would 
chime in. But Patrick Alderman had ceased to be a suspect and 
if he said or did something that would comfort them both, then 
he'd go with it. As it was the rain stopped and the smaller man 
seemed relieved. "Suppose we can get out of here now." He 
reached for the door handle, but Patrick blocked his path. Damn 
the man, he was the right size for snuggling. Wield calculated 
that he would fit nicely under his arm, standing or in bed. He tried to
shake off the though, but Patrick's hand gripped his and held on. 

"I don't know what I'm doing Sgt...ahh, I mean Edgar. But..." He 
stood on his tiptoes and grasped Edgar Wield by the ears and 
pulled his head down. When their lips met, he moaned into the 
Sgt.'s mouth and was swept into a fierce embrace. All too quickly 
the larger man took over the kiss, plunging his tongue inside his 
mouth, eagerly investigating as a detective would. His body 
was held tight against the larger man's and he relaxed. He fought 
for dominance of the kiss but he didn't care. The taste, feel and 
smell of this man drove him wild. So timid, so shy all his life. He 
married his high-school sweetheart and settled down like a good 
boy. But he wanted more, desired more and the day he had met 
Sgt. Wield he knew what that more, was.  

So soft, so gentle, so shy and lovable. Wield held tight to the 
trembling man before him. That first day in the rose garden, 
talking, laughing and getting to know one another. He had longed 
to kiss this man since that day. How could he hope that a man, 
so dedicated to his family and roses, would find him attractive. He 
kissed the soft mouth one more time and let the smaller man 
settle back on his heels. He licked his lips and smiled, blushing 
actually as Patrick fumbled with his hands. "That was..."

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm not bloody good at this; I've never...you 
know, with anyone, but my wife." Wield's large hand cupped his 
cheek and he allowed himself to be pulled into a warm embrace. 

I was right, thought Wield, tucked in right nicely. He leaned his 
head down and kissed the top of the dark head. "It takes time to 
admit feelings like this, it's not easy." 

"But you, you're..." He struggled to say the word, to let lose his 
feelings about it. "Gay, yes?"

"Yes, I make so moves to hide that fact, but I don't flaunt it 

"What's this make me?"

Wield pushed him away gently and held his chin. The fear was 
prevalent and Wield hoped it would pass. "Confused."

"Yes, I suppose that could be it." 

"Listen, I have to confess something myself." Wield pushed open 
the door of the shed and waved his hand. Patrick stepped out 
onto the rock path that lead to the small house. "I've thought 
about you since the day, the day in the garden at your home." 
This brought a smiled to Alderman's face. "But, until the 
investigation is over, I don't think this is a good idea. Wouldn't 
want something happening to you, cause I screwed it up." 

Patrick smiled and nodded. He reached out his hand and Wield 
shook it. "Well then, I guess I'll be off." Wield pulled him in for a
quick kiss. 

"I'd like to explore this more, but for now..."

"I understand Sgt. But you must realize the extraordinary amount of 
courage I had to muster, just to come here today." 

Wield knew, he had seen the passive man buckle to his wife and 
to his work. The roses kept him happy and sane. 
"Suppose I'll need to trim those bushes in a few weeks." Wield 
nodded toward a set of newly set roses along his back wall. 
"Want to have a go at showing an old dog, some new tricks?"

Patrick's face lit up, his dark green eyes sparkled, and he nodded 
with enthusiasm. "I'll be back then, help with the roses." 

Wield waved as Patrick stumbled back to his car and climbed in 
the driver's side. He laughed to himself. 'Scared out of his mind, 
he was'. But scared was good, eager was good, now if he could 
just encourage the bravery, things might be looking up. 

to be continued.

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