Chruch Mouse No More by Reets

This is a follow up piece to "What One Doesn't Know". Dalziel/Pascoe world here. But again Sgt. Wield gets the front row. What can I say, he's my fave. Paired here with Parick Alderman, they resolve their feelings for each other.

Nc-17, sorry, I write little else. Ohh the horror. Hope you enjoy.

Church Mouse--No More by Reets

Wield pulled into his driveway, it had been a long week. Cadet Singh was injured in the protection of the Alderman estate and was tucked safely into his bed at the hospital. Peter had tried to comfort him, but he had always felt a certain affection toward the younger man. His getting hurt was the result of his own inability to capture and hold onto the criminal. He cursed himself again and pulled his body out of the car.

The light was fading, there was nothing he wanted more than a cup of tea a bed. He put on the kettle and changed his clothes. Several open windows allowed the warm spring air to filter through the small kitchen. He was about to twirl the ball in the kettle when a knock at his back door made him jump. "Who's there?" He called, creeping to the door, his copper senses tingling.


His heart soared. The inquires into Patrick Alderman had ceased and he had thought of little else, but being visited by this shy, handsome man, since the early evening. "Are you going to let me in, Sgt.?" He pulled open the door and flowers met his view. Patrick lowered the flat and smiled. "Thought you might have room, over here."

"Indeed I do." The flat was placed on the porch and Patrick came inside the small house. "Care for some tea, I just put a kettle on."

Patrick produced a bottle from behind his back and pushed it into the Sgt.'s hand. "I thought maybe a bit of celebrating."

"Champagne? Nice." Wield wiped the cool droplets of water from the bottle and sat it in the sink. "Don't even know if I have some proper glasses, best see."

Patrick unwrapped the foil from around the neck of the bottle, watching as Wield searched for the glasses. "Anything will do Edgar, it's not that important."

"Nonsense, can't rightly drink champage without," He produced two tall fluted glass from the cupboard. "champage glasses, now can we?" He rinsed the glasses and sat them on the table. "Want me to do that?" He took a slow, deep breath as Patrick winked at him and popped the cork.

"Oppps, got it." The champage bubbled to the top and Wield caught the overflow in a glass, then Patrick filled the second. "There, now. A toast. "He lifted the glass toward Wield's and clanked it. "To a new beginning and friendship."

Wield smiled, it was more of a quirky grin. One of knowing he was about to swallow 'said' canary. "To roses and passion." He clanked the glass and swallowed the bubbly liquor.

"What's say we take this out back, it's a beautiful night."

"Sounds good, I'll make some snacks."

Patrick spread a blanket on the ground a few feet from the house and managed to make the glasses behave on the tray Edgar sat down. Cheese, crackers and pieces of friut adorned the tray. Wield sat down beside the other man on the large blanket and glanced around. He was glad he had bought such a large piece of property, no neighbors hanging about, watching. Patrick had laid back and was staring at the stars as they begin to come out.

"We're in luck, looks like a clear night." He sighed and took a deep breath, the fresh cut grass, clean country air and newly bloomed roses filled his nose. "Beautiful."

"Have to agree there." Wield leaned down and captured Patrick's lips in a quick kiss. He knew it had the desired affect as he could see the rush of color to Patrick's face, even in the failing light. He handed him a full glass and filled him own. "This is good, usually stick to bitters and ales. This is a nice change."

"Glad you like it, thought it would take the edge off."

"Edge off? Why, what did you have planned."

Patrick cleared his throat and sat up, facing the Sgt. "I was hoping we could have a chat about the last time I was here."

"Go on." Edgar popped a grape in his mouth.

"I was not myself, you can understand, with everything going on. The inquires, Daphne, it's just..."

Wield shift his weight and nearly tipped over the tray at his feet. "Sorry, listen Patrick. I know you were having a hard time. I didn't mean anything." He stood up, more nervous than a teenager did on his first date. "I'm sorry." The kiss was wrong; he should have waited to see what Patrick was feeling before rushing in headstrong. Idiot. He swore to himself and began gathering the tray and glasses.

"What are you doing?" Patrick stood up beside him and grabbed his arm. "Wait, did you think I meant...I'm not handling this.. oh hell." He grabbed the tray and put it down. He calmed himself, but his hands still shook. Caution, fear, and nerves ruled him as he stepped close and reached up to touch the Sgt.'s face. "Please."

"What do you want, Patrick?" Wield closed his eyes as the smooth, gentle hands pulled his head down and the soft lips met his. The timid hands were less timid now and moved to his hips, caressed and gripped. His fingers laced in Patrick's hair and drew him closer, capturing his mouth in a powerful kiss. His mind told him to take it slow, this man didn't know what he was getting into, but Wield didn't want to. He wanted to take control, rule Patrick Alderman's life, and possess this gentle, innocent of a man. He broke the kiss suddenly and took a step back.

Patrick chuckled and took a deep breath. "Kind of like...fencing...or dueling, isn't it?"

Yes, that was it, fencing, dueling, and challenging one to be better, take control, and be the best. "Yes, but it would seemed you're outmatched on this game."

Patrick cleared the stuff from the blanket and grinned. "I don't know, I like to think I'm up for the challenge." He spun quickly and Wield tumbled backwards onto the blanket. Patrick was straddling his waist instantly. "See, I might be smaller, but I have my methods." He leaned down and captured the parted lips quickly.

"Aye, that you do." Wield's arms went around the slighter man, capturing him. "But you've put yourself in a precarious position." One hand slid down and cupped a firm ass cheek.

Patrick moaned and began to tremble. He couldn't help it, he was scared. Of being loved by this man, any man, or just being loved, he wasn't sure. Warm fingers worked his back and neck. A gentle massage as that mouth closed over his again. Then he was rolled. Side by side, gentle soft kisses. Cradled against the warm chest, one arm gripped him close as the other explored his body. He gasped as a strong hand worked its way up the leg of his shorts, massaged his thigh, inching ever closer to his ass. He moaned as it slipped beneath his underwear and gripped his ass cheek. Wield's mouth never stopped, it kissed nipped and caressed his lips, cheeks, throat until he thought he would be devoured. All the time, feeling the urgent need of his partner hard against his stomach. "Edgar..."

Wield pulled back, kissing his chin and nose. "Yes?"

"I don't know how know. Or if I can."

Wield sighed. "Didn't mean to get carried away, sorry."

"Don't be, I feel the same." As Wield withdrew his hand from his shorts, he took it and placed it over his own straining cock. "I want this too, I'm frightened, that's all."

Wield smiled, shy, gentle, innocent and honest. Very sexy qualities in a partner. "If the time comes and we 'do' that. I'll show you everything you need to know. But not now, too soon."

"Oh." Patrick tried not to show his disappointment, but he couldn't help it. He wanted it now, before he lost his nerve.

"You seem disappointed, what is it?"

"She's away the weekend, I was hoping I could stay."

Wield lifted his chin with a finger and grinned. "Of course you can stay. I didn't say you couldn't. But don't you think we should slow down a bit." Then the fear hit. "Or is it 'just' for this weekend?"

"No, no, no. I just wanted to be here, with you, like this."

"You are." Wield pushed him to the blanket and kissed him thoroughly before he leaned back. "But I think we should take this party indoors, the air's turning cool and I don't want to have to explain to your wife how we both caught a sniffle."

"You're right."


Wield pulled down the windows, the air had turned chilly. He settled the remainder of the champagne in two regular glasses and balanced them and two bottles of ale into the living room. Patrick was settled on the couch with the telly on. "Find anything interesting?"

"Just you." Wield laughed, not a giggle, not a chuckle, he laughed. Bold and robust. This man had a way of making him feel as if he was the most attractive thing that walked the earth and he so loved that.

"Here." Wield handed him the last of the champagne and sat down close beside him. "Are you cold?"

"What?" Patrick jumped as Wield's fingers ran up his thigh.

"You've got goose pimples, are you cold?"

"Bit more nervous than anything." He'd said it, it was true. He was scared to death.

"Patrick, I'll never do anything you don't want me to. I'm not that kind of person."

"I know that. If it wasn't for the gentleness I see on the inside, I wouldn't have come. I know, I needn't worry when you hold me." He was suddenly very self aware and he cleared his throat. "I sound like a school girl, don't I?"

"No, you're being honest and that's a good thing." Wield put his arm around Patrick and squeezed. "I like that about you. Too many toddlers in this life want to spin a tale for attention. Not my cup of tea."

"Am I?"

"What?" Patrick looked up into those dark eyes.

"Your cup of tea?"

"Oh, Aye, very much."

Wield took the lead, lifting Patrick's head into the right angle. He kissed him slowly, not missing a part of his mouth, cheeks, eyes, nose, and the ear nearest him. He would have continued like this for hours, if he'd been allowed. Cuddling and petting were his favorite things to do, but Patrick had other ideas. When Patrick rubbed against his leg, Wield reached down and covered his erection with one hand. Pressing and stroking through the material of his shorts.

Patrick moaned into the Sgt.'s mouth and leaned back, breaking the kiss. "I need you Sgt. I need to feel you."

Wield stood up and reached for Patrick's hand. Once it was secure in his, he headed for the bedroom. It was nicely decorated for a bachelor. He switched on the light, but only briefly. He hurried around the room and lit the candles that were placed there. Once they were lit, he switched the light back off. He watched Patrick for a moment, seeing what the nervous man would do. To his surprise and delight, Patrick turned to him and smiled.

"Didn't know you were such a romantic Sgt."

Wield grinned and pulled him close. "Don't have a lot else going for me, need all the advantages I can get."

"How many partners have you had Sgt.?"

"I'm clean, if that's what's troubling you."

"No, just wondering."

Wield sighed and released him, his past wasn't something he liked to talk about. However, if he planned to see this man more than once, he knew he had to be truthful. "Only four others, I don't have a very good track record."

"Hmmm, how long did your relationships last?"

"The last one lasted four years, he moved to the States after University. It was a mutual parting. He was young."

"I see, so not many one night stands for you?"

"I should say not, don't catch many lookers with this face." He turned to face Patrick now, who had sat down on the bed. "Makes me wonder why you'd even be interested."

"Did you ever think it's because there's more to you than just your looks. The wonderful, warm, gentle, charming person inside that makes you all the more attractive."

Wield jumped on the bed, lying flat on his back. "Nope, never occurred to me." Patrick was there in an instant, lying beside him, one leg draped over the Sgt.'s thigh.

"I want to learn things from you Edgar, go places I've never allowed myself to go. Would you do that for me?"

Wield pulled him up so that he could capture his mouth. He moaned as Patrick's hand closed on his erection and stroked it. The shy little devil was learning fast what makes him moan and he pulled back. "Let me relieve you of some of these." Wield tugged at the pullover shirt and it slipped away. He leaned over and kissed a nipple making Patrick moan this time. Dark hair dotted, but not covered his pecs and Wield switched sides, teasing and tasting the other nipple. Quivering stomach muscles met his tongue as he continued his trail south. Without asking he unbuckled the belt and undid the snap of the shorts.

Patrick held his breath; he looked down at the dark head bathing his stomach and belly button. *Click*, *Click* one tooth of his zipper was released at a time. So slowly, he thought he would go mad. Wield's tongue was dipping inside his belly button making him buck and whimper. After long moments, the zipper was down and a warm breath bathed his cock. He tried to help the process, but lifting his hips and allowing the short to be pulled away, but Wield had other plans. Slow torture if you were to ask Patrick, but there was an air of certainty in Wield movements.

He inched the shorts down slowly, before pushing them down the slim legs and dropping them in the floor. Wield dropped the shorts and resumed his slow stripping of his new partner. The thought of gripping those thighs and plunging between them crossed his mind, but he pushed out the thought. Patrick wasn't ready for that. He took a deep breath and pulled down the underwear. Patrick had a nice size cock, not too wide and a good seven inches. Why would Daphne go elsewhere for her sex? He would never understand. Nice tight ball sac nestled in a patch of dark curls. He breathed in the man's scent, tickling and licking one of his hairless balls. He smelled of expensive soap and talc, as if his mother had just washed him. Suited Patrick, it did. He let his tongue drag the length of his thickness before dipping in the slit, tasting the salty pre-cum that pooled there. It was proceeding to bathe his stomach as well, sending sticky droplets tumbling from the tip. Wield licked it from his stomach then lifted the shaft with a couple of fingers. Wonder if he's ever tasted himself. He licked the swollen head, then sucked it once, then twice. Patrick's hands fell to his head immediately, but he broke away and leaned up, kissing Patrick on the lips, forcing his tongue inside, mixing his pre-cum with the saliva. He thought Patrick might pull back, but instead he grasped Wield's head and pulled him down, rubbing his hardness against his hip. "I think you really do want this."

Patrick laughed and gasped for breath. "You thought I'd back out."

"Wasn't sure, had to know." With that Wield took the cock in his hand and pumped it several times.

"Wait," Patrick grabbed at Wield's shirt. "I want to feel you against me."

A nod and Edgar Wield stood up, he tugged out of his shirt and unzipped his pants. For a moment he was a little embarrassed, Patrick was watching every move he made. It had been a long time since he'd had a new lover. He pushed his underwear down and heard the sudden intake of breath from Patrick. A good ten inches swung between those long legs. He had often said, once you get past what you can see, there's a nice surprise hidden away. "Don't be scared, I won't hurt you."

Patrick's mouth hung open and he finally met Wield's eyes as he climbed on top of him and settled down. His long cock nestled beside Patrick's. "Oh my," it was a statement of amazement, that turned into a huge grin. "I suppose if one wants that up the bum, one must really want it."

"I understand if you want to back out."

"Are you kidding?" Patrick yelled, then looked around as if to check if anyone had heard. "Not in this life."

"Good, it'll be a while before we get to that anyway."

"No, why put it off, I want it Sgt."

"Would you not call me that in bed, please."

"Why not," he leaned up and kissed him quickly. "I like to think of you as my own private Sgt. My protector in a battle against the world. And yes, Sgt., I want to do everything tonight."

"You can't mean that, Patrick you'll be sore tomorrow."

"I don't care, I'll be here with you and you can nurse me." He wiggled his eyes brows at Wield and the larger man smiled.

Wield gathered him in his arms and rolled them over. His hands feel immediately to that ass, that perfect, round, firm ass. He thrust against Patrick, their cocks slick and sticky with per-cum, as they rubbed against each other. A low moan and the slighter man was pumping against him with all his might. He brushed a finger over his opening and he tensed for a second and then continued his thrusts. "I need to get something."

"Hmmm, shouldn't you have thought of these things earlier." Patrick protested, but only for a moment as Wield lifted him off the bed, his legs securely around Wield's hips and fumbled through the drawer, pulled out a tube and fell back on the bed. He opened the tube behind Patrick's back and squeezed some on his fingers, lying the tube beside them. His fingers found the puckered opening again and this time one pushed inside. Patrick froze, then relaxed, and moaned loudly. Damn but the man was enjoying this. Wield thrust faster with his cock, the friction between them making the heat between them ignitable. Then Patrick leaned down. "More Sgt. I do that much in the shower." Wield laughed and sat up.

"You do?"

"How on earth did you think I discovered what I like. Just didn't know who I could share it with until this lovely Sgt. showed an interest in my roses one day." He smiled sweetly at the man before him. "Make love to me Sgt. Wield. I want it, I want you."

"Aye, the feeling's mutual." Wield grabbed the tube and placed Patrick on his side. "I am going to take it slow though, I don't want to hurt you." He leaned over his shoulder, "That means you don't move, if I don't say to, understand."

"Yes, Sgt." Patrick smiled at the over concern of his lover, but relaxed as two fingers pressed inside his opening.

Patrick took the fingers with ease and Wield was beginning to believe him not to be a virgin at this, but when the third finger forced its way, Patrick whimpered. That was it, he had played and learned to relax to a certain point, but it would be nothing like being filled with a long hard shaft. And that is just what Wield planned on doing. Filling him to the hilt and holding him as he shivered and squirmed. He wanted him more than ever now and removed his fingers. He placed a pillow in the center of the bed and one under Patrick's head and neck. The screams would come, he was sure of it. More lubricant and one final check with his fingers and he leaned forward. His cock pressed against the tight ring, loosened, as it was it was not prepared for the width of his cock head. He held back a second and leaned over Patrick's body. "Are you sure about this, there are other things we can do."

Patrick looked up at him. "Edgar, I've waited a life time for you, please, do not make me wait any longer. I want this."

Edgar planted a quick kiss on his cheek and sat back. He didn't envy Patrick, he had been on the receiving end of a large cock on a few occasions, and this was going to hurt. He took a deep breath; he really wanted it, so...he pressed forward. Patrick's hands gripped the sheets, his head buried in the pillow, trying to hold back the scream Wield knew. The head finally wedged through the opening and he relaxed, listening for any complaints coming from Patrick, there was nothing. When the clenching stopped he pushed more inside, he was dreadfully tight, and Wield swore to himself for thinking Patrick had lied. Another couple of inches now and he pulled out then pushed more inside. This brought Patrick to his knees, he was trembling and softly sobbing, but he was trying to meet Wield on his returns. Wield rubbed his back and sides, shhhing and cooing to him. Asking if he should stop, but Patrick shook his head, so Wield continued. Minutes seemed like hours, until finally Wield's balls brushed against the delicate skin of Patrick's ass.

He found himself shaking as he relaxed his body on top of the slighter man. The connection complete, his cock buried to the hilt inside this gentle, sexy man. He kissed his back and neck, twisting Patrick's head to catch his eyes. "Are you okay?"

"I have never been better. You own me Sgt. what more could I want?" He felt the large cock withdrawing and he tried to follow it, not let it escape, but it was back as quickly. Wield set a steady rhythm, one that allowed him to meet him and even push back. He spread his legs wider as Wield's large hands gripped his ass cheeks. He willed his body to relax and make it easier on both of them, but every time Wield raked across that special spot he couldn't help but clamp down and growl. His own cock had come back to life, after the initial pain and burning had subsided and he stroked it now. Wield's large hand came around and covered his, pumping, pulling and stroking until he felt himself get close.

"Turn over." Wield pulled out and helped Patrick to his back, pushing his legs up and his cock inside with one long, slow stroke. "You are so tight."

Patrick forced himself to smile, "That's a good thing, right?"

"Oh aye, aye. Very good." Wield leaned over his body and captured his lips in several quick kisses. Then he sat up and began pumping with all his might. Slow, even strong strokes that had Patrick whimpering and gasping for air. He gripped Patrick's cock and stroked it in time with his returns. Patrick began babbling, incoherent and mumbled, his head thrashed back and forth and he arched his body off the bed and screamed. His ass clamped so tight on Wield's cock that the Sgt. let out a yelp himself. Then Patrick was coming; long, hot streams of semen coated his stomach and chest. Then he collapsed, trying to recover his oxygen.

Wield's cock filled him more frequently now, the thrusts taking his breath away. So big, so deep. He thought he could almost taste the Sgt.'s orgasm as it scaled his insides. Then Wield fell forward, trapping him beneath a sweaty hulk of a man for a long moment. Wield seem to recognize his discomfort and sat back on his arms, even as they shook. "I could get use to this." He wrapped his arms around the Sgt. and rolled them to the side, Wield's cock slipped free and he gasped at the loss and the pain. He wanted to be held and cuddled and he wasn't disappointed.

Wield squeezed him tight and kissed Patrick, as much as he could without oxygen. He finally took a deep breath and snuggled the slighter man close to his chest. Just the right size, just as he had thought. Too perfect an ending to an awful day. Monday would seem like hell after this. Patrick was dozing lightly in his arms and he dared not move. Not disturb the peaceful, beautiful figure. "Man who loves his roses." He kissed Patrick's head and fell asleep.

True to his word, Patrick helped trim the rose bushes. They didn't really need it, but that had been his original excuse for coming back. He helped Wield plant the new flowers and was cooking lunch when the telephone rang. Wield ran inside and picked up the telephone. "'ello, Morning Peter, what's up?" He ran a fingers down Patrick's back as he had turned away to leave Wield to his telephone call. "I'm a bit busy today, can't you get someone else." Patrick grinned and turned back. "I know it's not like me, but I'd appreciate it, if you'd get someone else today. Thank you, Sir."

"Can't a man have a day off in this bloody city?" He slammed the phone hard then pulled Patrick close.


"No, just Sgt. Pascoe, trying to make me feel guilty that he's being pulled away from his misses, like he'd have a problem with it."

Patrick pursed his lips and looked up into the Sgt.'s eyes. "Had a round with him, have you?"

Wield blushed. "Patrick."

"It's all right, I got that feeling. Think he is somewhat cute myself. However, with our ladies being so close, don't think it would be a good idea for me suggest something like that."

"No, it wouldn't. Besides, if I have to share you, I'd prefer to share you with your wife, only."

Patrick nodded and kissed Edgar with all his might. Daphne would be home tomorrow and hed have to go back to her. But in this gentle, giant of a man, he had found the passion that he had been missing. He would visit the Sgt. again and soon. But good byes were for tomorrow. Now lunch was to be served and perhaps more lessons in love.

~~until then~~