You Need Only Ask It

If you're not familiar with Dalziel (pronounced Deelll) and Pascoe, I strongly recommend the movies. It's a cop/mystery series based on the books by Reginal Hill. Every time I see them, I can't help but be swept away. Dalziel is mentioned several times, but not seen in this part and references are vague as to the 'relationship' between him and his young Inspector. This will be explored more in the next part. Paired here are Sgt. Wield and Peter Pascoe. I could not for the life of me find Wield's first name, so that part is invented. (note I did find Wield's name, but left it as Sean here, it seems to suit him--compared to Edgar).

Instert standard disclaimer here.

No infringement on the owners and writers of this series. This just spawns from Dalziel's continued references to his 'sunshine' (Peter).

You Need Only Ask It by Reets

Peter Pascoe knocked hard on the door in front of him. This was Sgt.Sean Wield's home, one of the men under him at the station. He wasn't sure his late night visit would be welcomed. He took a deep breath as the door swung open.

"Sir, is something wrong?" He steps out of the way and waves his superior office inside. "Is it a case, Sir?"

"Don't call me sir." Peter's eyes sparkle with a mixture of fear and anticipation as the taller man's mouth twitches into a smile. "Peter, please."

"Is everything all right at home, Peter?" Wield pours a drink and offers one to his friend. "You haven't come to me, in quite a while."

"A man can have urges, can't he?" Peter relaxes a little as Wield settles down on the couch, opposite him. He knew as soon as he dropped the formality of sir with Sean, that he had given up his rank and authority as far as the other man goes. With this innocent surrender of a name, he is offering his friendship, off the record as well as something more, should the moment grow to that.

"A man can have urges, sure. But I thought you had paid your debt to the fat man." Sean watches his friend closely, the tense jaw at the mention of Dalziel's name, the set mouth. "Does he know you've come?" A quick shake of the blonde's head and Sean smiles. Tonight, if Peter would allow the closeness, they would be together, alone, for the first time.

Peter turns up his glass, enjoying the warmth of the liquor as it coats his throat and stomach. "More, please."

"Of course, but not too much." Sean takes the glass, letting his fingers brush against the other man's. "You do have to drive home."

"No, I don't. Elly's gone home to stay with her parent's for a bit. Her father's not entirely well." Peter fingers the large gash, not healing on his forehead. His father in- law, mistaking him for a burgular, had wacked him with a shovel. That's when they had realized he wasn't all right in the head.

"And it's the week end. Can I expect the pleasure of your company all night then?" Sean hands the half-full glass back to Peter, then kneels in front of him. A nod and he runs his finger down the clenching jaw, tracing the lips as they part at his touch. "So beautiful." A smile now and and a slight blush to those pale cheeks. "Have you eaten?"

Peter shrugs his shoulders. "Earlier."

"Good," No other words, just lips pressing against lips. Gentle at first, testing the long parted feelings, then as Peter relaxes in his arms, he draws the man closer and plunges his tongue deep inside the warm mouth.

Peter gasps as the strong hands physically pull his hips forward, rubbing their groins together. This was what he came for, unbridled, lust filled, passion. Not love, not exactly. Mutual respect, admiration and loyality, but not love. Fingers slip his shirt tail from his slacks and caress his back. He returns the favor, through the cotton tee and moans into his lover's mouth as the strong hands lift and cup his ass. He wanted it now, fast and hard, but Sean was a gentle man, always taking his time, unless of course Andy was there. He breaks the kiss as the 'fat man' runs across his brain.

"You all right?" Sean holds him close for a long moment, letting his heart beat return to a near-normal pace. "What 'appened?"

"Nothing, can we go in the bedroom?" Sean's smile warms him and the taller man stands up and reaches for his hand. He is pulled up quickly and embraced.

"It was 'em, wasn't it?" Sean squeezes his lover tight as he nods against his chest. "Cheeky bastard, even when he's not here, he has you. Sometimes I'd like to..."

"Don't. Don't even think it, he'd know."

"Is he coming then?" Peter shakes his head and Sean takes a step back. "Come on, you're mine tonight."

Together they pull down the comforter on the bed, revealing the silk sheets beneath. Dark blue satin. Sean reaches for Peter and begins untying his tie. Even this late the young Inspector always had his tie done. Once the buttons and tie were gone, the starched shirt slips from the taunt shoulders and it falls to the floor. Sean picks it up and lies it over a chair. It wouldn't do to have his superior leave in the morning with a rumpled shirt.

Peter can't stop his body from shaking, the skilled hands work his trousers from his hips, kissing and licking every piece of skin that is revealed. He hisses as Sean's breath penetrates the fabric of his underwear, sending shivers up his spine. His fingers run through the short cropped, black hair, coaxing the warmth closer to his need.

Sean smiles, Peter was so anxious, by the time he gave in to his need for another man, taking it slow was out of the question. He eased the hard cock from it's confines and pushes the underwear down. As Peter lifts a leg to remove them, he slips a finger between the firm ass cheeks, letting it rest against the tight, quivering opening, asking without words.

Peter freezes as a single finger touches his most hidden spot. Then Sean opens his mouth and allows his cock entrance. The heated flesh finding a home, deep within the moist recess, licked, teased, sucked until his body threatens to give way and his knees buckle. The finger, now slick with siliva, slides inside as his body relaxes. He whimpers, but there is no pain. It's more for the surrender of his mind than his body. He mind needed this, needed to be freed of it's usual control. His body craved it, the thought of Sean's long, thick cock sliding inside his body made him shudder. It would be his first time and he couldn't think of a gentler soul he'd rather give himself to.

The fatman was no where around to be pleased tonight, this was for himself. The long finger reaches the delicate gland and rakes across it.

Sean smiles as the fingers in his hair grip harder, the cock in his mouth pulses and releases his pent up frustration, desire and longing. The man above him cries out as his orgasm takes over and soon the body tumbles back onto the sheets, onto his bed. He licks his lips and stands up, releaving his body of the clothing that seperates them. Searching quickly through the nightstand he find the lubricant. He opens it and his hand begins it's decent to his own cock. He jumps as Peter graps his arm.

"Wait, wait." Peter regains his breath. "I want to taste you."

Sean nods and Peter lies back on the bed. He climbs on and kneels near Peter's head. The fear is prevelant in those blue eyes and he runs a hand down Peter's torso, tweeking the pert nipples and dipping lower to caress the soft cock and balls. He lifts the leg nearest him and reaches below, stroking Peter's opening, forcing the lubricant inside the tight passage. His hard cock is licked and caressed until Peter finally opens his mouth and takes it inside. Sean closes his eyes, the feel of the velvet palet against the sensitive head and Peter's hands caressing his body was almost too much.


He looks down, blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, all displayed on the dark blue sheets, a truly heavenly site. "It's all right Peter, we don't have to."

"I want to, but..."

"You're scared. I know."

"I hate it when he touches me."

Sean covers the trembling man and hugs him close. "I hate it when he touches you too."

"Make love to me Sean, please. Let me know what it can be like."

Sean pulls away and urges Peter up. He piles the pillows at the head and sits down, reaching for Peter. The blonde Inspector straddles his waist. "Relax, you're going to be in control, if it's too much you can stop. Okay?"

Peter nods and Sean squeezes a lot of lubricant on his hand, warming the gel before applying it to his hard cock. For long moments they are joined by the large hand, Sean takes their cocks and presses them together, pumping them both. Peter smiles, riding the waves of pleasure.

Sean's other hand is put to good use, teasing and proding his tense opening. Soon he is relaxed enough for two fingers to slide inside easily and Sean stops the mutual masturbation. He coaxes Peter up and puts more lubricant on his cock.

"Don't you think you're overdoing it a bit."

"No, I don't want to hurt you and this being our, official 'first' time, I want you be in control. The easier for you, the more you'll enjoy it, trust me."

Peter met his dark eyes and leans in for a quick kiss. "If I didn't I wouldn't be here." With that he bends back, the blunt, hardness presses against his opening and his body trembles.

"Easy." Peter nods.

Sean grasps his ass cheeks, pulling them apart, but it doesn't help.He tenses at the wrong moment and the pain shoots through his body. "I can't!" He leans forward, burying his face in Sean's neck. "Please, help me."

Sean pulls him back. "What do you want?" Silence and he shakes the blonde head. "Tell me what you want Peter."


"I'm here, you have me. Now tell me what you really want." His fingers fall from the gasping figure and cup his ass, fingers work their way inside and Peter tenses. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you to be inside me. I want you to own me."

"On your stomach." Peter hesitates, but Sean pushes him back onto the bed. "Spread for me Peter, just me." Peter flips over and Sean stops a moment to admire the beautiful form, lean, stong, always so, in control. Now sprawled before him, asking to be taken. He had waited a long time for this.

Peter's breathing boarders on hyper-ventilation as Sean moves up close behind him. Flesh against flesh, the long arms reach around him and pull him close. Sean's sex rests between the cheeks of his ass. "I want this Sean, more than anything."

Sean kisses his cheek, neck, shoulder and back. Caressing and touching every inch of skin until the man beneath him, arches into his touch.

His skin burns as the strong hands massage his ass, one, no two. Not sure anymore, fingers open his body, stretching and preparing him. The large head drags down his crack leaving it's stick trail, pulsing at his entrance over and over again. The fingers again, making sure, one last time and a pause. He hears Sean take a deep breath and feels him shift his weight on the bed. He spreads his legs as wide as he can without losing his balance. His own hand find his cock and begins stroking as he feels the gentle nudges begin.

"Tell me again what you want Peter."

"To be taken, to lose control." Truth brings fulfillment as Sean breaches his opening and pushes forward. 'Stop, too much, too big, too soon.' His body is clenching, his toes curl and his scream is deafening, but Sean is there, soothing, kissing, and massaging. The burning sensation takes on a life of it's own as Sean pesses more inside the tight passage. Every vein in is cock, brings a new whimper of pain/pleasure and he fights back the tears. He holds his head in his hands for fear the shaking will make Sean stop. But wasn't that what he was suppose to want. Stop, get out, back away. Make the pain stop.

Sean takes a deep breath and pushes forward more, after long tortuous moments he's sheathed in the body beneath him. Nothing felt like this, no other pleasure on heaven or earth compared to becoming one with another man. His balls bump against Peter's, signaling his completion of the contact. In his way, he loved Peter and had always longed for this contact. Dalziel had always opposed it and interfered. Now here alone on a Friday night, he had won his prize, conquered his mountain and he would leave his unmistakable, gentle mark. So that perhaps Dalziel would never be allowed to touch him again. "Are you okay?"

Peter takes a deep breath. "So big." His admission is rewarded with a warm hug and kisses along his neck.

"But you took it, beautifully. Just like we were made for each other." He pulls out an inch then pushes back inside, Peter's head comes back a smile plastered on those pained features. "How does it feel?"

He takes a long moment and thinks, relaxing his body to the intruder as he does. "Like I've died and gone to heaven." Slow even strokes mark the slow rhythm, bumping across his prostate with each return. The pace is maddening and he pushes back against his lover.

"What are you doing?"


"More?" Sean's laughter fills the room for a moment. "This," He shoves hard and Peter gasps. "Isn't enough."

"Yes, it is, I meant, faster, harder, quicker, whatever. Just move."

"Oh," Sean pulls almost all the way out and pushes forward again, stretching and filling his lover. "Like this."

"Faster." Peter sighs as Sean's thrusts quicken, but only slightly. "Do it Sean, take me." Sean leans forward, close to his ear, his cock buried deep.

"I am Peter, I am."

"I want more." He gasps as Sean grips his hips and forces his body back. That was more like what he wanted. To be dominated, taken, ridden hard. "Yes, more."

Sean bites his lip and slams deep inside Peter's body. He hated being so rough. With his size he could easily hurt Peter. This was what Peter wanted and he would give it to him. Somehow maybe, in the back of Peter's mind, he needed the pain, the humulation that Dalziel usually bestoyed. Sean reaches his hand back and slaps Peter hard on the ass, elising no more complaint, than a moan. Yes, it was what he needed. He pushed down the gentleness that raged in his soul and pushed Peter's torso flat. He stayed and Sean began slapping his ass hard on the 'out', strokes, shoving deep until Peter whimpered on the 'in' strokes. It didn't take long until he coud do nothing short of 'blind' fucking. Like he'd do a one night stand, not a long time lover. He pounded relentlessly until his orgasm began, then he shoved Peter flat and pumped until he was drained and sated.

Peter groans as his cock is pressed against the sheets, the wonderful silky, hot sensations milking his second orgasm, from him. He accepts the sweaty, heavy body against his and drifts off.

Sometime during the night a restless figure shuffles beneath the comforter. Sean moans and turns over, stretching his tall frame before bringing down an arm over Peter's torso. "It's nice, isn't it?"

Peter looks back over his shoulder at Sean. "What is?"

"Having someone to cuddle with, in the middle of the night."

Peter sighed as Sean entire body came in contact with his, chest to ankle. "Elly's not much of a cuddler, I usually get a knee in the back or something, nothing more."

"I'll try and not kick you then."

"You're fine," Peter grew quiet for a long moment, Sean's even breath at his ear. "Sean?"


"Are we heading for trouble come Monday?" Sean moved away a bit and turned Peter to his back. "Should we have done this?"

"I think the question is, should you have. I'm quite pleased that you came to me. And no, I'll have no problems come Monday, 'Sir'."

Peter smiles and Sean's lips meet his. "I think we're going to stick together."

Sean laughs and leans back, nodding at the soiled sheets. "How about a quick shower, I'll change the bed and join you."

Peter steps under the strong spray of water and soaps his body, letting it wash away quickly. He jumps as the door slides open. "I'm done." Sean hands him a towel as he steps out, allowing the other man under the spray.

Sean finishes his shower, taking his time. He knew Peter would have to reconsile this with himself and probably needed time. Then the awful thought hit him, what if he left. Left without even a goodbye. This would be his only chance to have Peter to himself. He hurried from the bathroom, dressed only in a towel. The object of his desire is standing at the window, the moon bathing his body in a soft light. He wraps his arms around Peter's waist and draws him back. "Does your wife realize how beautiful you are?"

"Beautfiul? She's never used that word, but she tells me I look all right, when it suits her."

"It's hard standing her with you like this."

Peter laughs and rubs his ass against Sean. "Yes, I can see that."

"Sorry, I see someone that looks like you standing in my windows, the moon light glowing on you as if you were a god or something and I can't help myself."

"It's all right Sean, I think I want it again anyway." He smiles as Sean's lips and tongue bathe his neck and shoulder. He turns and their lips meet. Sean draws him close, lifting him slighlty so their cocks brush against each other. He relaxes into the passionate kisses and is lifted. He straddles Sean's waist with his legs and is carried to the bed.

They tumble together onto the bed, laughing and kissing. "Peter," Peter looks up into his eyes. "Are you sore?" A nod and Sean begins to pull away.

Peter grabs him roughly and pulls him close. "I want you Sean, now." His legs are drapped around Sean's hips, pulling him closer. "Please."

Sean gives into Peter's requests and takes them on a passionate ride. More gentle this time, more care. Less driven, more love. Until they both collapse, sated and exhausted falling to sleep in a tangle of legs and arms.

~until next time~